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    Sonologic is a leading supplier of ultrasound equipment and associated imaging products. The Sonologic range of portable and Cart based ultrasound systems offer functionality straight from the box, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your work and less time setting up equipment. Sonologic’ s range of ultrasound systems, bladder scanners and colposcopes offer outstanding image quality with value for money that no other devices in this price range can match.

    Our website offers you the chance to browse through our state of the art product range so that you can decide the best ultrasound machine for your clinic. Please contact us to arrange a visual demonstration or to discuss in more detail our wide selection of portable and cart based ultrasound systems, colposcope units, Bladder Scanners as well as our Premium selection of examination couches and clinical accessories.

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    • Ultrasound Systems

      The Sonologic range of portable and cart based ultrasound systems feature state of the art image quality at an unbeatable price. The Sonologic range offers hi-tech ultrasound devices that feature the most up to the minute imaging technology, leaving the competition behind.

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      We recently bought a new Ultrasound system from Sonologic and the image quality is great and the prices were extremely competitive.

      Dr. Tim Chang

    • Colposcopes

      PRIMA colposcope systems offer a brand new dimension in performance, flexibility and economy in diagnostics and surgery. As with all our other ultrasound equipment, the PRIMA colposcopy equipment range packs a high level of performance in its small package.

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    • Examination Couches

      Sonologic offers a range of premium examination couches to complete your clinic. Our medical examination couches are sturdy and safe for both patient and practitioner and feature ergonomic design, adjustable height and modern functions to simplify treatment. You won’t find a better couch than the GRACIE.

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    • Bladder Scanners

      Sonologic offers non-invasive diagnostic tools that measure the amount of urine in the bladder or to determine how much urine remains in the bladder after urination as a way to measure residual levels. Our Bladder Scanners are used regularly by urologists, primary care physicians (internal medicine/family practice), gynaecologists, hospital units, long term/extended care facilities and in emergency room and post-operative evaluations.

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