Unique pregnancy announcement ideas

The beginning of pregnancy can be an exciting time for parents-to-be as they wait to meet their new addition and start planning for a growing family.

It’s also nice for mums-to-be to have pictures and memories to show off in later stages or to their children when they’re older.

Pregnancy announcements are a great way to share the happy news with friends and family.

Clever pregnancy annoucement ideas - unique

Parents are getting more and more creative with how they announce the news, so we’ve compiled some quirky and fun ways to announce a new pregnancy.

What should you include in a pregnancy announcement?

Announcements can be done in person, by phone, on social media, or even through email so you have more control over who hears the good news first!

And don’t forget about all the pregnancy groups on social media as well – joining in is a great way to let other parent’s-to-be know that they’ve got others they can share the journey with.

When should you announce you’re pregnant?

There is no set date for when a pregnancy announcement should happen but it may be best to  plan one before 20 weeks gestation because that lets close family and friends share in the excitement and help you prepare for your new arrival.

Whether it’s a picture or written message, be sure to mention how many months pregnant you are, and if you wish, include any details about your health and your experience so far so people can share the journey with you (and even plan the gift giving!).

If there is anything else that might be important that you want to share, such as gender, add that too!

Here are some clever and unique ways to announce you’re expecting:

  1. Have a surprise baby shower – send invitations for a ‘surprise event’ and announce the news at the party to family and friends.
  1. Announce your pregnancy on social media with an adorable photo of your growing bump – or get creative with a shareable slideshow or video that shows progress photos or a suspenseful announcement!
  1. Put up a cute sign outside your house so new visitors get a surprise when they arrive!
  1. Go big – announce your pregnancy to the world (or just your local area) with a billboard or public message board! What a surprise!
  1. Write up a press release about how you’re going to become parents or take out an ad, and have it published in your local newspaper!
  1. Organise a photoshoot with a fun theme to make a book cover or movie poster themed announcement!
  1. Involve siblings or pets holding clever signs for a fun photo announcement you can share or post!
Unique pregnancy announcement ideas

Mum, dad and baby written on the sand of the beach next to their shoes with the parents kissing behind

Still not sure what the right announcement is for you?

Be sure to check out Pinterest or search hashtags like #wereexpecting or #pregnancyannouncement to see what clever ideas you can find.

There are lots of unique and fun ways you can announce your pregnancy to your loved ones. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey, savour the moment, and put your own personal touch on your moment so you can remember it fondly for years to come.

It’s important to have a sense of humor about the experience of pregnancy and enjoy the time for what it is!

Remember that every pregnancy has its challenges, but you will be able to learn from them and thrive, as long as you’re open-minded and willing to seek the right help.

Don’t forget that there are tons of great resources out there so don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it!

We hope this article was helpful – please share with your patients who are expecting!

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