Distributed by Sonologic, the C6A-HD Series High Definition Video Colposcope is an
intelligent video colposcope that provides a full-screen display of the cervical examination.

This innovative colposcope offers crucial and accurate information, to enable superior
clinical decision-making by gynaecologists.

The C6A-HD Series Video Colposcope includes an impressive range of features including:

  • Real-time magnification display
  • Remote capture control
  • User-friendly keyboard layout for one hand operation
  • Image gallery for easy comparison analysis
  • Electronic green filter that enhances vascular image displays
  • Acetic acid and iodine reaction test timer, to precisely detect low/high grade CIN
  • LED cold-lighting system that reproduces an original view of tissues
  • Advanced and fast auto-focusing system that ensures clear imaging.

These features offer reliable data management software, and have multiple configurations
for both patient and clinical user comfort.

In addition, the C6A-HD Series Video Colposcope includes an all-new R-Way (TM) Evaluation
Program, providing guidance for cervical cancer diagnosis. The R-Way (TM) system provides
users with simple and intuitive multiple-choice questions, to assist with the interpretation of
colposcopy findings. This technology provides a superior outcome for patients, with the
potential for more efficient preliminary diagnosis.

The R-Way (TM) Evaluation Program also assists operators in interpreting the presentation of
cervical diseases, through variations of colour. The system is simple to use, thanks to its
intuitive design, and enables clinical users with limited experience to successfully address
preliminary diagnosis.

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Colposcope today!