AI HD Video Colposcope

AI HD Video Colposcope


AI HD Video Colposcope (C6A)

This new AI (Artificial Intelligence) HD digital colposcope series is a perfect combination of outstanding HD camera, powerful software and convenient workstation to accommodate the rigid requirements of gynecologists in colposcopic screening.
High resolution camera and unique LED light type ensure superior image quality to reproduce the examination area to the greatest extent.

With professional software and analysis tool, everything becomes easy, standardized and well-regulated.
Different models and accessories provides more available options to meet various demands in clinical application. This new series is turning a new page in colposcopy.

Extraordinary manoeuvrability

The AI HD Video colposcopes are equipped with rolling stand or swing arm stand for smooth running and fine focusing.
Rolling stand can be adjusted in vertical movements and swing arm is easier to move up and down for more stable and convenient positioning.
Accurate and fast operation is just an easy case!

High image quality to ensure flawless display

The outstanding full HD image quality contributes for the correct decision-making and provides the safety guarantee forthe patient.
Resolution is more than 900 TVL.
HDMI video is also supportive for teaching and case discussion.

Flexible magnification level and better vision for the AI HD Video Colposcope provides extra clear view from different angels. High-precision technology provides superior image quality, improved clearness and focal range to facilitate the physicians’ work.

LED cold lighting system reproduces an original view of tissue
 Advanced and fast auto-focusing system ensures clear image
 Remote capture control and user-friendly keyboard layout for one hand operation
 Electronic green filter enhances vascular image display without compromise of illumination
 Acetic acid and iodine reaction test timer to precisely detect low/high grade CIN
 Real-time display of magnification
 Powerful Colposcopic findings gallery for comparison analysis
 New innovation – R-way™ Evaluation Program, that supports cervical disease diagnosis guidance for clinical users
 DICOM 3.0 supportive

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