PRIMA GN Colposcope

PRIMA GN Colposcope systems offer a brand new dimension in performance, flexibility and economy in diagnostics and surgery. The PRIMA GN packs a high level of performance in its small package. Its compact design is tailored to optimize use of limited operating room space.

Combining superb optical performance with modern style and ergonomics, PRIMA GN is a multi-talented system that can be easily configured to use where patients are to be supine or seated in an examination chair. The PRIMA range includes our new Over-the-Shoulder configuration as well as our standard bedside configuration. All PRIMA colposcopes can be upgraded to our iVu digital imaging module, combining both still and clip storage.

iVu OP Digital Imaging Module

A compact camera module with built-in beam splitter extends the ergonomics of the Xpert systems.
Configured to provide multiple outputs i.e. Composite Video, S-Video, and USB for PC connectivity. Xpert Vu demonstrates full compatibility.

DigiPro Software adds to the convenience with easy to use graphic user interface. Still images can be stored for lateral archiving and reference. The annotation and measurement tools add to the versatility.