QBit – 9


Smart Ultrasound

  • Versatile diagnostic solutions
  • Intelligent workflow, simplified keyboard
  • Advanced 4D technologies: Virtual HD, Depth View
  • Breakthrough new technologies: FHI,X-contrast, Q-flow, Q-Beam, Q-image
  • Built in battery 80min(option)
  • CW, TDI, Free M mode, Colour M mode, ECG


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Applications Abdominal (Gynecology & Urology); Fetal/OB; Small Organ (Breast, Testes, Thyroid); Pediatric; Peripheral Vascular; Musculo-skeletal Conventional & Superficial; Cardiac (adult & pediatric); Transvaginal
Imaging Modes B Mode, 2B Mode, 4B Mode, B/M mode, M mode, CFM Mode, CPA Mode, DPD Mode, B/BC Mode, Pulse Doppler Mode, Trapezoidal imaging, Multiple Compound Imaging, SRA, AIO, 2D Steer, Triplex, Quadplex, CWD, Free Steering M Mode, TDI, Color M Mode, Curved Panoramic Imaging, ECG, Super Needle, 4D, Virtual HD, FHI mode, Stress echo, Elastography
Imaging technologies  Speckle Reduction Algorithm (SRA); Multiple Compound Imaging (MCI); Q-image; Q-flow; X-contrast; Q-beam; FHI; Super Needle
Software Options DICOM; 4D software package; Virtual HD; Curved Panoramic Imaging; Cardiac Package: CW, Free Steering M Mode, Color M Mode, TDI, ECG; Auto IMT; 2D Steer; Clinical measurement package
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