Sonoscape S60

Sonoscape S60

The brand new intelligent Sonoscape S60 Ultrasound System is something you haven’t seen before.

Exclusive to Sonologic in Australia, this system uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to speed up diagnosis and improve accuracy and depth of diagnosis.

Read below for some of it’s truly unique and impressive capabilities.


Introducing the Intelligent S60 Ultrasound:

The brand new intelligent Sonoscape S60 Ultrasound system takes flexibility and intelligence to a new level.

This machine uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to use vast amounts of medical data for training before it’s machine learning can deliver powerful new ways to spot and understand causes of disease.

To read more about the AI capabilities and time saving features of this machines intelligence, see the launch information for Sonoscape here.

More stable as ever, the S60 improves its signal transmission and reception processors which leads to higher sensitivity and more accurate echo detection.

What’s more, the Sonoscape S60 is equipped with a wide range of transducers which adopt innovative technologies and therefore promises a confident diagnostic experience. Consistent quality performance across applications.

Enhanced with advanced imaging architecture and probe technologies, the system enlarges diagnostic capacity and quality across a wide range of applications .

  • μ-Scan (see below)
  • Adaptive Multi-beam Imaging
  • Dynamic Color
  • Single Crystal Transducer

Ergonomic Design

  • 21,5” LED monitor with articulated arm
  • 13,3” Adjustable touch screen
  • Rotatable and height adjustable control panel
  • Gel warmer
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

Auto Face

It allows to delete the structures that interpose themselves to the profile of the fetal face.


• High sensitivity with directional information

• Detection of micro-vascularization and weak flows

• More realistic hemodynamic flow

Micro F

The adaptive Matrix E filter effectively distinguishes the blood flow of individual tissues, artifacts and flows at low speed
The algorithm helps to visualize the low blood flow in a stable and continuous way.

Real Time 3D/4D

Real-time 3D imaging (4D) can intuitively show the three-dimensional structure in real time, together with the transverse and coronal planes of the various structures that we would normally not be able to acquire with 2D transducers.

Inversion 4D

Inversion 4D provides a more in-depth evaluation of vascular and / or cystic structures by creating a three-dimensional volume of the anaechogenic structure.

S-Skeleton Depth

It automatically removes soft tissues to better visualize the fetal skeleton by adding a dedicated S-Depth map.


Color map show the different depth.

The new P series by Sonoscape is exclusive to Sonologic in Australia.

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